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Conditions of Sale and Installation

Our quotations are for the supply of floor coverings with or without making, laying or underlay as specified and/or other goods as specified on this invoice. they do not include any other work unless specified by signed agreement.

1. Whilst every care will be taken, no responsibility will be accepted for unavoidable marks left by tools of trade, carpet during positioning, removal of existing flooring, damage to quarter rounds, shirting, scotia or existing walls and wall paper, when either lifted , during installation, preparation or in the moving of household furniture.

2. The purchaser will provide without expense AJRFloors proper access to site, including parking, adequate light, water and power for the completion of the work. If a power generator is required an additional minimum charge of $110 per day will be made.

3. It is the client’s responsibility to move and reconnect fridges, washers, stoves, dishwashers, computers, all appliances including all furniture and fittings etc. and to ensure areas of installation of purchased items are completely cleared to provide free access for our tradesmen/women.

4. Placement of all floor covering joins, finishing trims, shirting etc. is at the discretion of the company unless otherwise specified. If the customer requests AJRFloors or its installers or others to fit or not fit finishing trims, shirting etc. which are not part of the contract or deemed not recommended by AJRFloors or its installers or manufacturers. Neither AJRFloors or its installers or manufacturers can be held responsible for any consequences or problems by the use or non-use of these items.

5. In the event of a cancellation by the customer after the material has been cut or specially ordered for you from any mill or supplier, customer agrees to pay, as liquidated damages, a sum equal to 50% of the total purchase price.

6. Missing tufts are not a defect. Claims of this type will be entertained only on the basis of such tufts being reinserted without charge for labour or material.

7. Variation of shade and grain structure can occur in the manufacture of different batches of floor coverings. AJRFloors will take every care during laying operations to obtain the best effect but cannot assume responsibility for variations in colour or grain structure.

If the sub-floor cannot be properly inspected or condition accessed, AJRFloors cannot accept responsibility for the cost of any necessary rectifications nor for defects caused by dampness, heating, air conditioning or other extraneous influences.

8. If the sub-floor cannot be properly inspected or condition accessed, AJR Floors cannot accept responsibility for the cost of any necessary rectifications nor for defects caused by dampness, heating,air conditioning or other extraneous influences.

9. Interest may be charged on overdue accounts at the rate of eight per centum (8%) per annum from the date the amount becomes due until payment. In addition, any collection charges and commission incurred by an agent within the meaning of the Commercial Agents Act, in attempting to recover payment, shall be payable by the customer.

10. This invoice is subject to corrections for clerical or mathematical errors.

11. No liability will be accepted by AJRFloors for delays in the delivery, supply or installation of goods beyond the control of AJRFloors.

12. AJRFloors will not be held responsible should movement occur to timber boards, laminate boards or sub-floor causing lifting, misshaping or damage. Likewise should dampness occur in timber boards, laminate boards, concrete sub-floor  or other sub-floor causing lifting, misshaping or damage.

13. Floor coverings will held on a minimum 50% deposit for a maximum of three months following which all monies must be paid.

14. When sanding floors or cutting door frames dust will filter throughout the area. We do not dust or vacuum the property after works except vacuuming the floor where sanded.

15. Where floor coverings have been layed, vinyl etc., installers will clean large off cuts from site but will not vacuum or mop floors unless contracted by this store.

16. AJRFloors cannot guarantee "pimples" in gloss finishes. All plastic coatings will remain in a highly sticky state for a number of hours after application. During this time dust, lint and other foreign matters may attach to its surface. Care is taken to avoid this during the application but foreign matter which may attract to the work is not our responsibility. To avoid marks on polished floors do not walk on with shoes, sit furniture on floor for 7 (seven) days after completion.

17. Permanent Pile Reversal (commonly known as shading) occurs in most cut pile carpets e.g. twists or plush pile in these instances. Areas of the carpet appear to be lighter or darker than the surrounding area. It cannot be predicted or prevented and it appears to be related to location or use rather than type of carpet construction or materials used. It is not a manufacturing fault and has no detriment to the wear ability or life of the carpet. No claims for shading are recognised by manufacturers or retailers. Joins in all coverings cannot be made invisible and often lighter rooms will show more than others. Peaking of carpet joins can be visible in all carpets usually due to re-joining tape underneath but will subdue to some degree over time and wear.

18. No liability will be accepted by AJRFloors for any outline of hardboard underlay joins or any floor imperfections which may show through highly polished, smooth resilient floor coverings or other floor coverings under certain reflective light conditions.

19. All our contractors are fully qualified and we have a 12 month warranty on installations from the date of installation unless otherwise specified.

20. It is your responsibility to ensure that the floor and sub-floor and the rest of the building comply with relevant Australian Building Codes and Standards. No claim shall lie against AJRFloors for failure of our works resulting from non-compliance.

21. On site measure costs are not refundable.

22. AJRFloors cannot guarantee Fitting of scotia or quarter rounds to plaster walls or other such unsuitable walls directly, and the client understands that fitting of these items in some instances is only a short time fix until walls are suitable for shirting to be supplied and fitted later at the clients expense.

23. The images displayed on this site may vary in exact colour from computer to computer. All care has been taken for the images to be a true representation of the product. No responsibility will be accepted for variance in colour of the image.

24. AJRFloors are not responsible for the trimming or reinstating of doors that require removal due to unsuitable existing door heights etc.

25. AJRFloors will not be responsible for the pull-up, removal or disposal of suspect or real asbestos materials unless specifically quoted for asbestos or suspect materials. AJRFloors or its tradespeople will not be held responsible for any liability associated with asbestos or suspect asbestos materials.

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