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Ployflor | XL PUR

• Hardwearing, homogeneous commercial floorcovering • Polyurethane surface treatment provides an excellent foundation for an ongoing cleaning regime leading to maintenance cost savings • Directional duotone marbleised decoration
Recommended for public, institutional and commercial buildings where ease of maintenance and long life under heavy traffic are required such as hospitals, schools, laboratories and offices.
Specifications • 2mm Gauge • 2mm Wear Layer • 2m x 20m Roll Size • 24 Shades
Recommended adhesive for standard installations is Star 100,  Refer to Adhesive Guide for further information

Turquoize 3810
Tanzanite Blue 3750
Rose-Quartz 3870
Sablee-Beige 3900
Pumice 3700
Porcelain 3880
Ironstone 3850
Jade 3830
Carnelian Beige 3890
Blue Nickel 3730
Connemara Green 3800
Citrine 3930
Crystal Blue 3740
Dolomite 3910
Flint 3720
Fossil 3710
Azure 3770
Blue Zircon 3760
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Thickness 2.00mm, Wear Layer 0.70mm, Width 2m & 4m, Roll Length 2 l/m, Fire Rating 7.5W/m2 CRF, Scratch Resistance Class T,Slip Resistance: Oil-Wet Ramp R10, Manufacturers Warranty 15 Year Commercial


Australian Select Looselay Vinyl Plank

Scandinavian Oak
Oregon Ash
Lemon Spotted Gum
Feature Spotted Gum
Feature Jarrah
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Series 2 Extreme Heavy Looselay Vinyl Plank

Vintage Oak LVL5343
Titanium LVL8245
Spotted Gum LVL7236
Milky Way LVL8273
Iceage LVL3543
Grey Steel  LVL 5343
Dark Oak LVL5375
Cosmic LVL3963
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Cushion Wood

Plank Size 180mm x 1200mm, Thickness 5.0mm, Wear Layer 0.55mm, Qty/carton 8, M2/carton 1.73m2

Truffle Oak CWM1243 NEW
Select Blackbutt MSW 0887
Truffle Oak CWM1243
Sandy Ridge Elm MSW1242
Mountain Ash MSW1292
Coonawarra Oak MSW2752
Riverstone Oak CWM1201
Mystery Oak MSW1232
Alpine Bleached Ash MSW1227
Alpine Spotted Gum CWM1333
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ZM484 Midnight Oak
ZM485 Vineyard Oak
ZM479 Castilian Oak
ZM482 Limed Elm
ZM470 Warm Spotted Gum
ZM472 Blackbutt
ZM474 Townhouse Oak
ZM480 Wild Oak
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Multi-Level Loop Modular Carpet, Fibre Nylon, 100% Solution Dyed, Pile Weight 18oz, Size 50cm x 50cm, Pile Height 2-6mm, Thickness 9mm

Taupe 04
Ink 02
Slate 01
Denium 03
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CARPET | Direct Stick

Iron Stone 001A
Storm 003A
Black Ice 002A
Deep Ocean 003C
Domina 002C
Pompeii Ash 001C
Silhouette 002M
Harbour 003M
Lava 001M
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Classic Dalton

Shadow 304
Artic Grey 203
Imperial Blue 305
Bluestar 201
Metalika 202
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New Discovery

Bronzestone 016
Copperhead 015
Luna 02
Orion 04
Pluto 020
Silverbell 017
Stardust 07
Stella 06
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Classic Downtown

Shadow 304
Artic Grey 203
Imperial Blue 305
Bluestar 201
Metalika 202
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New Home Builders Range | Carpets

Atomic Budget

100% Solution Dyed Classion Olefin,Level Loop Pile, Residential Medium Duty, 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Slate Grey 1405
Earthen 1340
Charcoal 1404
Stella Beige 1339
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Charming Squares

100% Solution Dyed Nylon, Modulated Loop, Width 4m, Pile Weight 25oz

Moondust 07
Gravel 03
Bliss 01
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Fibre 100% BCF UV Stabilised Classlon Olefin, Colouration 100% Solution Dyed Manufacturers 7 Year Residential Limited Warranty

Shale 1589
Pebble 1101
Cobble 1572
Sand 810
Peat 830
Granite 1330
Clay 1571
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100% Polypropylene, 4m Wide

Taupe 932
Pepper 315
Pebble 157
Mushroom 334
Mocha 329
Iron 166
Ash 140
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Shelley Beach

100% Solution Dyed Classlon Olefin, Multi Level Loop, Width 3.66m, Residential Medium Duty, 5yr Manufacturers Residential Warranty

Marine 1615
Central Coast 1617
Pacific Ocean 1616
Headland 1614
Manly 1613
Northern Beaches 1612
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100% Heavy Duty Twist, Pile Weight 38oz, Fibre Polypropylene, 4m Wide

Mansell 155
Fangio 091
Prost 153
Senna 036
Hill 776
Brundle 329
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Pickering Valley

Polypropylene, Cut Pile Twist, Residential Extra Heavy Duty, Width 3.66m, Residential Heavy Duty + Stairs

Fire Clay
Dark Glaze
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