We are able to source an extensive range of rugs to suit anyone's dream. Please look at the range we have on our website as a sample, more are available upon request either phone us on 0413 777 299 or email at and we will gladly provide more .....

Please be aware we do not stock rugs at our warehouse it is order only. 

Modern Rugs
Zenith 160X230cm Montblanc 640956575
Viola Carved 160x235cm 8222O55Q
Viola Carved 160x235cm 2367O55E
Viola Carved 160x235cm 633O55E
Trance 160x235cm 413F35K
Trance 160x235cm 1337F35K
Trance 160x235cm 24F35B
Sampati Brown 120x160cm 8231
Sampati Brown 120x160cm 8394
Sampati Brown 160x230cm 7635
Silencio 160x230cm 0601900
Silencio 160x230cm 0618601
Sampati Red 120x160cm 9532
Silenco 160x230cm 0620402
Sampati Brown 120x160cm 8228
Sampati Brown 120x160cm 393
Sampati Beige 120x160cm 8232
Mysterio 160x230cm 1256901
Pear 160x230cm 5284061
Luminous 160x230cm 250576636
Jewel 160x240cm 7748059
Jewel 160x240cm 7719569
Jewel 160x240cm 7724869
Luminous 160x230cm  250177838
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Shag Pile Rugs
Manhattan Red 7cm Red
Manhattan Cream 7cm
Manhattan Black 7cm
Manhattan Beige 7cm
Manhatta Grey 7cm
Luxury 9202
Luxury 7001
Fantom Cable Red
Highlight Black
Fantom Cable White Beige
Highlight Brown
Highlight Grey
Highlight Red 306
Fantom Cable Pink
Fantom Cable Orange
Fantom Cable Green
Fantom Cable Grey Beige
Fantom Cable Black
Expo 322
Expo 099
Brilliant Brown
Brilliant Red
Brilliant Silver Black
Benji Garnet
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