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Laminate Flooring

The main advantage of this type of flooring is cost. These floors are simply clicked into place over a layer of foam, making them very easy to lay. They are easy to maintain and highly durable. Laminate floors have become more and more authentic looking and are a great for those on a budget looking for a classy and modern alternative to carpet.

At AJRFloors we have an extensive range have a look at the website as there are lots more in store. Visit our warehouse for a comprehensive range or call us on 0413 777 299 otherwise email us at with you query and we will respond to your request. 


*** please click on a display photo below to select links to the entire range of laminate flooring

7 - 7.5mm Range
8mm Range
9.5 - 10mm Range
12mm Range
Hybrid | Waterproof Range
Oak Range
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