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Woven Style

Woven Style | Axminster

New to AJRFloors!
Make your floor a feature with a woven carpet. From contemporary designs that bring a room to life to traditional patterns that instil old world charm, offers an exquisite selection of woven carpets for your home.
This woven carpet is made from a rich blend of premium wools. Combining traditional weaving skills with state of the art technology and stunning design, will add a luxurious statement to your home interior.
Wool Blend, 3.66m Wide, Residential Extra Heavy Duty
Artisan - Roomview
Custom Woven Carpet

Custom Axminster carpet

FAST 8 week turnaround time*

Only 20 lineal metres minimum order

Create your design with 12 carefully selected colours Available in 34oz, 38oz, 42oz or 48oz

You can now create a fully customised Axminster carpet for your next project without the usual minimum orders or long lead times. Feltex Woven FASTTRACK™ uses a carefully selected palette of 12 colours (from the existing Feltex Woven Colour palette pom box) to create custom Axminster carpets within an 8 week turnaround time.

Contact us at AJRFloors and we will assist to create your bespoke woven carpet, working from one of our two distinct colour palettes, each containing 12 curated colours.

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