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Keep On Dancing

with cushioned vinyl at AJRFloors

Staying at home doesn’t have to mean missing out. All over Australia we are seeing ingenuity in the way we are adapting to the current environment, and at AJRFloors we want to make

the adjustment as easy as possible.
Thousands of dance classes around Australia are moving online with students at all levels joining in at home. But we know not every home will have a surface suitable and ready to go for dancing. That is why we would like to offer a range of products available to create

temporary at home dance studios.
Available in 2m wide our dance sheet vinyl products can be laid down over any smooth surface and used for training. With closed cell foam backings these temporary floors help reduce the risk of injury as well as reduce impact noise from big or little feet.

Tapilex Excellence 80 | Check Stocks Instore

Product type ISO: Polyvinyl chloride floor coverings with foam layer (EN 651)
Commercial classification: 34 V
ery Heavy
CE Marking: EN 14041
Formaldehyde emission: E1
Eletrical Propensity: Antistatic (≤ 2 kV)
Roll 2 x 23m

107 stunning colours & designs with matt finish
Improved traffic resistance, with 0,80mm wear layer
25% cost reduction in maintenance & cleaning
Full Floor, Wall & Stairs coordination
100% phthalate free
Matching weld rods available


Product type ISO: Heterogeneous poly(vinyl chloride) floor coverings (ISO 10582)
Country of origin: France
Total thickness: 3.45 mm
Wear layer thickness: 0.65 mm
Total weight: 3.04 kg/m²
Rol 2 x 15m

Excellent grip
Reduced risk of injury
Increased performance

*Please note: Tarkett vinyl flooring products are usually installed in dance studios with adhesive permanently sticking the flooring down. For use at home please take care when selecting a space to lay the flooring out, ensure the area is clean and free from any moisture and smooth and level. Before use, thoroughly test the surface does not move underfoot. For a more permanent application, flooring tape available from Bunnings can be used to stick Dancefloor down to a surface.



 1. Q: Can this flooring be moved and stored away easily.

A: Yes roll and stand up wrap something around it

 2. Q: Is it OK for point dancing

A:more traction it is a commercial grade product so won’t be a problem


 3. Q: Can it be layed over ceramic tiles, brushed concert etc

A: Yes it can be layed over sub floors but as it is for temporary dance floor it should be OK but for long term any grout line or imperfections in the sub floor may show through and not recommend for tiles that are very uneven or large grout lines


 4. Q: What joining tape do you suggest we use

A: Foil tape is OK to be used and we can supply


 5. Q: Will it move on slippy or other surfaces 

A: if it slips you can use double sided tape or honey comb type of non slip matting from clarke rubber


 6. Q: Can it be driven on

A: Some indentation may occur, some discolouration from the tyres may occur, turning of wheels on top of the matting will distort the product. ideally use only for dancing and roll up instead of driving on


 7. Q: Is it ok on wooden floor or deck area/OUTSIDE AREAS


A: Yes it is however but only for the sort term as if moisture gets underneath could cause mould and exposure to the sun might cause discolouration and break down of the product


 8. Q: Can anything be put underneath it for extra coughing safely 

A: Other than a thin non slip matting anything else might cause distortion


 9. Q: Does it get affected by dog/cats claws

A: This is a commercial graded products and should not get affected by general wear and tear however dogs doing a maddy could result in claws causing some damage likewise cats or other animals clawing could cause damage

10. Q: Will it split or crack

A: In normal condition for indoor use it should not crack or slip as its a commercial grade product 


11. Q: When is delivery 

A: Please call to discuss and order and we will try have it pre-cut before you collect



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